OSSA-2014-026: Multiple vulnerabilities in Keystone revocation events


August 15, 2014


CVE-2014-5252, CVE-2014-5251, CVE-2014-5253


  • Keystone: 2014.1 versions up to 2014.1.1


Lance Bragstad from Rackspace and Brant Knudson from IBM reported 3 vulnerabilities in Keystone revocation events. Lance Bragstad discovered that UUID v2 tokens processed by the V3 API are incorrectly updated and get their “issued_at” time regenerated (CVE-2014-5252). Brant Knudson discovered that the MySQL token driver stores expiration dates incorrectly which prevents manual revocation (CVE-2014-5251) and that domain-scoped tokens don’t get revoked when the domain is disabled (CVE-2014-5253). Tokens impacted by one of these bugs may allow a user to evade token revocation. Only Keystone setups configured to use revocation events are affected.


  • Lance Bragstad from Rackspace (CVE-2014-5252)

  • Brant Knudson from IBM (CVE-2014-5251, CVE-2014-5253)