OSSA-2020-004: Keystone credential endpoints allow owner modification and are not protected from a scoped context


May 06, 2020


CVE-2020-12689, CVE-2020-12691


  • Keystone: <15.0.1, ==16.0.0


kay reported two vulnerabilities in keystone’s EC2 credentials API. Any authenticated user could create an EC2 credential for themselves for a project that they have a specified role on, then perform an update to the credential user and project, allowing them to masquerade as another user. (CVE-2020-12691) Any authenticated user within a limited scope (trust/oauth/application credential) can create an EC2 credential with an escalated permission, such as obtaining admin while the user is on a limited viewer role. (CVE-2020-12689) Both of these vulnerabilities potentially allow a malicious user to act as admin on a project that another user has the admin role on, which can effectively grant the malicious user global admin privileges.


CVE-2020-12689 and CVE-2020-12691 were assigned after the original publication date.



  • kay (CVE-2020-12689, CVE-2020-12691)



  • The stable/rocky branch is under extended maintenance and will receive no new point releases, but a patch for it is provided as a courtesy.

OSSA History

  • 2020-05-07 - Errata 1

  • 2020-05-06 - Original Version