OSSA-2015-004: Glance import task leaks image in backend

Date:February 23, 2015
CVE:CVE-2014-9684, CVE-2015-1881


  • Glance: 2014.2 versions through 2014.2.2


Abhishek Kekane from NTT and Mike Fedosin from Mirantis reported a vulnerability in the Glance import task. By creating numerous images using the task API and deleting them, an authenticated attacker may accumulate untracked image data in the backend resulting in potential resource exhaustion and denial of service. All glance setups using API v2 are affected.


  • Abhishek Kekane from NTT (CVE-2015-1881)
  • Mike Fedosin from Mirantis (CVE-2014-9684)


  • This fix will be included in the kilo-3 development milestone and in future 2014.2.3 (juno) release.