OSSA-2015-005: Nova console Cross-Site WebSocket hijacking

OSSA-2015-005: Nova console Cross-Site WebSocket hijacking


March 13, 2015




  • Nova: up to 2014.1.3 and 2014.2 versions up to 2014.2.2


Brian Manifold from Cisco and Paul McMillan from Nebula reported a vulnerability in Nova console websocket. By tricking an authenticated user into visiting a malicious URL, a remote attacker or a man in the middle may exploit a cross-site-websocket-hijacking vulnerability resulting in potential hijack of consoles where the user is still logged in. Only Nova setups with vnc or spice enabled are affected.


  • Brian Manifold from Cisco (CVE-2015-0259)

  • Paul McMillan from Nebula (CVE-2015-0259)


  • This fix is included in 2014.1.4 (icehouse) release and it will be included in the kilo-3 development milestone and in the future 2014.2.3 (juno) release.

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