OSSA-2016-005: Potential reuse of revoked Identity tokens

OSSA-2016-005: Potential reuse of revoked Identity tokens

Date:January 29, 2016


  • Keystone: <= 2015.1.2, >= 8.0.0 <= 8.0.1
  • Keystonemiddleware: >= 1.5.0 <= 1.5.3, >= 1.6.0 <= 2.3.2


Liu Sheng reported a vulnerability in Keystone. By manipulating a token content, an authenticated user may prevent its revocation. This can allow unauthorized access to cloud resources if a revoked token is intercepted by an attacker. Only keystone setups using PKI or PKIZ token are affected



  • Liu Sheng from Huawei (CVE-2015-7546)


  • The keystone fix is included in 2015.1.3 (Kilo) and will be included in a future 8.0.2 (Liberty) releases.
  • The keystonemiddleware fix will be included in future 1.5.4 (Kilo) and 2.3.3 (Liberty) releases.
  • Both keystone and keystonemiddleware needs to be updated
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