OSSA-2016-006: Glance image status manipulation through locations removal


February 03, 2016




  • Glance: <=2015.1.2, >=11.0.0 <= 11.0.1


Erno Kuvaja from HPE reported a vulnerability in Glance. By removing the last location of an image, an authenticated user may change the image status back to queued and may be able to upload new image data resulting in a broken Glance’s immutability promise. A malicious tenant may exploit this flaw to silently replace image data it owns, regardless of the original creator or the visibility settings. Only setups with show_multiple_locations enabled (not default) are affected.


  • Erno Kuvaja from HPE (CVE-2016-0757)


  • This fix will be included in future 2015.1.3 (kilo) and 11.0.2 (liberty) releases.

  • The proposed fix prevents the removal of the last location of an image so that an active image is always available. This action was previously incorrectly allowed and the fix might break some users who are relying on the false assumption that it would be ok to replace the data of existing image in the special case that the multiple locations has been configured.